HYSTT Training Package

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  • Academy Table Holder
  • Long Female Genital Model
  • 3 HYSTT Exercise 1 Models
  • 3 HYSTT Exercise 2 Models
  • HYSTT Replacement Pins
  • Academy stopwatch
  • USB Stick with Instructions

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The HYSTT Training Package contains a complete setup to perform training according to the HYSTT or Hysteroscopic Skills Training and Testing Method. The HYSTT model simulates all possible movements one should perform during a hysteroscopic procedure. It tests and trains hysteroscopic camera navigation and instrument handling. The model is made in a shape similar to a human uterus, installed in an artificial tissue model simulating the female genital anatomy.

Exercise 1 evaluates the skills of an individual to handle the camera and work with a 30° optic in an hysteroscopic environment. Various sets of modules are used in order to eliminate the memory effect for the participants. Exercise 2 evaluates the skills of simultaneous camera and instrument handling and hand-eye coordination skills as its goal is to pick and extract 14 pins.

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