LASTT Training Package

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  • Wooden LASTT Model
  • Exercise Inserts and Elements
  • Academy Stopwatch (not included)
  • GESEA Instructions (link)

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The LASTT Training Package contains the LASTT model, representing the spatial distribution and orientation of the different planes and angles of a female pelvis.

It provides validated laparoscopic exercises to train and test the individuals on their laparoscopic psychomotor skills. Skills which are mandatory to acquire, in addition to the surgical skills.

Test proficiency should guarantee excellent practical performance like the ability of depth appreciation on a two-dimensional screen, camera navigation, hand-eye coordination, handling long instruments from a fixed position and the knowledge of basic endoscopic instrumentation.

The LASTT model is placed into a Pelvic Trainer box, mounted with the relevant materials for the 3 exercises, and connected to an endoscopic tower.
The exercises are performed with standard laparoscopic instruments: 10 mm 0º optic, 10 mm 30º optic, 5 mm dissection forceps, 5 mm grasping forceps.

The first exercise measures the ability of a person to navigate the camera and to handle the 30° optic; 14 targets have to be identified in a precise order. The second measures the hand-eye coordination by positioning 6 small rings over a nail and the last exercise measures the bimanual coordination by transporting 6 pin-objects from one hand to the other and then to corresponding target.

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