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The Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment (GESEA) programme is a structured diploma programme for Gynaecological Endoscopy. It trains and certifies knowledge and practical skills prior to surgical competence, and is the official diploma programme of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE). ID Trust Medical distributes the training tools of the GESEA programme.


Dry-lab Skill Training

Every endoscopic surgeon needs a minimum of practical skill lab training before going into the operating room. It is scientifically proven that this improves endoscopic surgical performance in the operating room, increases patient’s safety and enhances the surgical learning process. Have a look at our training tools and see how we can help to improve your psychomotor skills.

Endoscopic Dry-Lab Skill Training Brochure

Download the brochure that features the training models of the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery


ID Trust Medical connects the medical and technical scientific world by developing a platform for innovative training tools, contributing to improving endoscopic surgical treatment. It offers training tools for hospitals, residents and graduated practitioners who want to train and improve their psychomotor endoscopic skills.


The European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery has elaborate a programme of training and certification dealing with both the theoretical knowledge on instrumentation, OR organisation, anatomy and complication management, and the practical laparoscopic and hysteroscopic psychomotor skills, including suturing and knot tying skills. The training tools to support this programme are offered by ID Trust Medical.

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ID Trust Medical connects the medical and technical scientific world by offering a platform for innovative training tools.

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Our Training Tools

ID Trust Medical offers training tools to increase the practical skill level of endoscopic surgeons to correctly perform basic endoscopic procedures.

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The downloads section contains the latest instructions, identification and scoring forms to correctly perform the LASTT, SUTT and HYSTT exercises.

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