HYSTT Replacement Models Set

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Component of HYSTT training package

Exercise 1: sticker model (3x)

Exercise 2: pins model (3x)

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HYSTT® Replacement Models Set

Enhance and extend your HYSTT training with our HYSTT® Replacement Models Set. This essential component of the HYSTT training package ensures that your training sessions remain effective and comprehensive.

Exercise 1: Sticker Models
These models are designed to help trainees practice camera handling and the ability to navigate the hysteroscope using forward/backward and rotation movements. The objective is to identify all targets accurately. There are three different variations of Exercise 1 models, providing varied scenarios for comprehensive training.

Exercise 2: Pin Models
These models are crafted to facilitate training in simultaneous camera handling and the use of hysteroscopic forceps. Trainees will learn to grasp objects and transport them, a crucial skill in hysteroscopic procedures. There are three of Exercise 2 models in one set.

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Weight 0.5 kg

Exercise 1: stickers, Exercise 2: pins

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