Hysteroscopy Diagnostic Model Set

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  • 12 Models with Diagnostic Cases

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The Hysteroscopy Diagnostic Model Set contains 12 different diagnostic challenges for the gynae

cologist to fully record what can be seen, to discuss with peers and to stipulate a resulting diagnosis.

It contains the following cases:

  1. Normal anatomy with one ostium normal and one closed
  2. Placental remnants with chorionic villi
  3. Adhesions
  4. Hyperplasia with regular vascularisation
  5. Hyperplasia with polyps
  6. Hyperplasia with vegetation (ca) and atypical vascularisation
  7. Two polyps, one normal and one polyp with vegetation
  8. One polyp and one early pregnancy
  9. Polyp and septum
  10. Reddish endometrium with hemorrhagic blebs suggestive for adenomyosis
  11. Bone metaplasia
  12. Type 1 myoma with irritated endometrium

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